The Ian Show - Episode 2 - Three Quarters of a Horse

Here we are, once again, a podcast for you people!

After a long hiatus we finally drop Episode 2 for you all. To be completely honest there are two other completely different versions of this episode stored in the void but they were not of great quality, and if you listen to this episode and try to imagine worse quality I hope you understand why they are staying in the void for the time being.

That being said, we did a fun review of the movie Midsommar in this episode. I honestly cannot suggest that movie anymore, check out their official site;

check out the trailer!

If you want to help support our podcast, you can check out the eerie soundtrack to Midsommar below, which includes our handy Amazon affiliate link!

The Ian Show - Episode 1 - Attack of the SquibLords

Hello Friends,

Here we are, at the beginning of a great journey together.

Will you take my hand as I cross the threshold into this new adventure with you?

This is episode one of our new podcast, The Ian Show. While this is a start of a podcast it is also a start of a life. The soon to be born life of my upcoming child. While I have been wanting to do a podcast for a while now I had been struggling with the motivation to get it done. However, I began to think about the possibility of my child some day stumbling upon such a podcast and it made me think. Will this child ever know me for who I am today? If my only legacy is what I have put online so far, is that something I would want it to discover?

So I changed focus a bit and decided that the first season of this show should be interviews with people in my life just talking about who we are and what we are about during this transitional phase in my life. If my future child stumbles upon this I hope it depicts an accurate view of who I am today.

So here we are, at the beginning. Please enjoy the show, and the notes below are more details on subjects covered.