Lately we have had some orb-weaver spiders move in near our house. I think I may finally be getting over my fears of insects. Instead of trying to chase them out or destroy their nest I have found myself becoming very protective of their webs instead.

This is not a photo from my house, but this is almost precisely like one of the webs in our tree looks like. It makes me feel ready for Halloween!

For one, we live in an area that has a traditionally insane number of mosquitos, and I hate mosquitos more than almost anything. Two, I think my paternal instincts may be kicking in. Either way I love going out and checking out all the cool webs that are around in the morning :)

Welcome to the 90's!

So a while back I was talking about building a bona-fide 90's style website for fun. I am not sure why I didn't do it at the time since such a site would not take very long to build at all. However I did finally get around to it. For now it is my current placeholder site over at Ian.Bulock.com. However once I actually get a decent working portfolio site built that will be there instead. So for a permenant link to the 90's abmonition check out 90s.green-glasses.com I will update that forwarding link to wherever I end placing it in the end. I may update it from time to time if I think of other cool 90's style site enhancements. Let me know what you think! Going Back In Time

Also, big thanks go to animatedgif.net which is also a 90's style site that offers a great selection of old school animated gif files. If you ever create something like this I highly suggest checking it out!