The Optimism of Summer

Currently I am going through a lot of my older posts in my blog and editing them to get rid of junk posts, add tags and make the titles more representative of the content of the posts. This of course entails reading things that are long forgotten memories for myself. Long forgotten even from one year ago sadly. I just got through a section of posts about "The Summer of Ian" They are from almost exactly one year ago. It is amazing how things change, and how rapidly they change. At the begining of June 2009 I was sure my job at Skory Autosound would last. I was making good money, I had established myself nicely in a house in Okemos, and I was starting to save money to get out of debt and acquire the things I needed to go forward with making movies also to get out of debt. I had very recently broken up with Olivia (I am not even going to get into that story any time soon.) I was single and ready to mingle. The whole world was my oyster and I was a mollusk loving freak. Then.. it all changed. The job I thought would last did not, my relationship with Olivia only grew more complicated and the little money I had saved suddenly had to be spent elsewhere.

A year later I am starting fresh again, with optimism but maybe not the pure blinding optimism as before. Currently I am living in a great apartment with the most fantastic roommate I could ask for. I have a new job, but is honestly a crappy job and I don't make much money. I do make enough money to pay my rent and bills, only barely. I have been thinking greatly as of late about returning to school. I have decided I would like to aquire a degree in English Literature. I have many reason for that choice and I may post about those later. My life as of late is a struggle, but the optimism comes from me at least being able to see the light. If I can struggle like this for just a few years I may be able to pull myself out of this pile of debt, depression and self-loathing. I can feel it! I feel like I have really changed, matured even. This may not be The Summer of Ian, I do think it will be a great summer nonetheless.

Sticky Note Heaven...

Jeff's Computer  

So back when I worked at Skory Autosound we had this terrific boss named Jeff. Jeff had this undying hatred of all things sticky notes. This led to the picture above. That is Jeff's computer covered in various sized sticky notes that were placed there after he left work one day. If memory serves me right each note had different phrases on them. I can't for the life of me remember what any of them said but I do remember this being a rather fun memory.

Sitting in your car...

When I walk to the bus stop I generally walk through the center of the Frandor parking lot. Mostly because it is the most direct path to the stop. I have been noticing something strange lately. There seems to be at any given time during the day between 5-10 people just sitting in there cars in the middle of the Frandor parking lot.

They are all dispersed throughout not in a group. The cars are almost never running and they are just sitting there.

I have seen this happen plenty of times before at Skory. We get a few customers a day who will just pull in, stop there cars and just sit in them for about 20 minutes. Usually at Skory they are on the phone at least. In Frandor they just sit. No phone, no ciggarete, just enjoying the view of Frandor from within the confines of there vehicle apparently.

I may try my whole life to figure out why people think the way that they do. The more I try to figure it out and the more I notice of the world around me. I dont think I will ever understand people.

This world is a strange place full of mystery.


You have no idea how frustrating it is to work at a store like Skory Autosound and not have the internet working. Not because I cannot browse facebook or chat with my friends when it is slow (though that kind of sucks too.) Everything in our store is reliant on a stable always on connection to the internet. When we make a cash sale we log into a site to pull the customer account and enter the sale to our database. When we do a repair on a phone we have to log into the Eticket site to pull up the customers account and log our repair. When someone comes in to get speakers we go online to pull up the make of their car to see what size speakers it has and what parts we need to put new ones in. I dont even need to mention the fact that the internet is required to activate a phone.

Basically, if our internet goes down we can no longer operate. Our internet has been down for two days now. We are kind of making do. We have an air-card plugged into one computer, we have been tethring our phones to others. It is not an exact science to do the internet that way though.

Most of our cash sites and sprint sites operate in a very secure mode. Checking our IP address to make sure we are not getting on their system from an unauthorized computer. Our air-card is not authorized.

To say the least, I am frustrated.

Happy Halloween

I am pretty sick, it sucks. I am pretty sure this is the first stage to my eventual decline into full zombie-nitis. In any case, my sinus' have cleared up and now I am loosing my voice/coughing up a massive amount of flem. w00t! But how is my life lately? Pretty good.

Olivia is now officially living with us, which is good and bad all at once. Good in the fact that I get to see her a lot and cuddle with her every night when i drift off to sleep. Bad in the way that I now have absolutely zero personal space in my life.

Work has been going fine, I think I am going to keep my job for a little while at least. Tami and Doug have been fighting like ex-lovers lately and I feel like the bastard child stuck in-between.

The film selection committee for the East Lansing Film Festival has been going good, I reviewed my first batch and picked up 10 more. There are a lot of duds being filtered out but I think we are going to have a good show this year. I love the film festival.

Hmmm... what else. I don't know, I just woke up. I will post something else later perhaps. Off to cough up a lung, away!

Little beads of water moving down my arm....

I just got out of the shower, it was fabulous. Getting all hot and steamy every morning is one of the highlights of my day. Lately I have been getting progressively more stressed out, I am not normally the type of person to allow stress to affect myself, it has just been hard to manage lately. This whole work situation is a little out of control. I have been working 60 hours a week for about 3 weeks now with no sign of that slowing down. That is 7 days a week with no breaks.

I don't even have my schedule for this week yet, but I already can assume I will be coming in everyday. I know two days this week I will be in Grand Rapids. Hopefully I can at least get some Drew time in that way, but it still sucks because they are already sparing me for those two days and there is probably no way they can spare me any more than that.

I am technically not even trained yet, still they throw all of this crap on me because the upper management can't seem to work any extra hours even though they are the ones responsible for loosing all of the extra help we had before.

Gar, it just sucks to not be able to have a social life or any kind of life outside of work because you can't possibly get time off. I suppose in the end it is for the better since it will get me bigger checks that I will have no time to spend.

So that is pretty much my life in a nutshell lately. All work, no play talking about cell phones all day. Ian out.