Just Be You

Far too much has been said lately about the medias influence on our minds. You don't need to read another article that makes you think everything you see in the world is designed to manipulate you into believing some foolish idea.

Instead, you should look withing yourself. Find out who you are deep within, and let that self guide you.

People may make you think that you are not capable of coming up with the right idea on your own, and you may even believe that yourself.

It is not true, you have everything you need to be you. From day one that is the only person you have ever truly been.

So I implore you, inquire within. Look into your self, analyze your mind. Find out who you are, where your core values lie. Use those values to shape your life into what you need it to be.

Yes, we are all in this together, but in order for us to overcome the evils of the world we all must become better.

Be better, be yourself. You are great!

Spencer the Space Raider thinks you are great too!