Welcome Back Livejournal!

I finally got around to re-adding the livejournal app to my phone, so I should be posting regular again. A quick update on what is new with me. Olivia and I have broken up, The Bulock Show is up and running (even though I have not edited our last podcast in a week.) I am dieting once again, my computer is down and summer is giving me lots of hope for the future.

More later.

The Summer of Ian...

...has begun. In the constant struggle to improve my own life and make myself something more than I am. I realize that setting my goals too high is a huge mistake.

I can't change my diet overnight, I can't become a famous filmmaker in just one year.

It is all about taking those small steps now. The little steps towards something bigger.

This summer should be a great one. For the first time in years my mind is not clouded with addiction. I have a stable job and a good place to live. I am reconnecting with lost friends. Things just seem to be falling into place exactly how they need to. I am hoping to see a few short films made this summer, more great podcasts to be released.

If things work how I would like them to, this summer is going to be a great launching point for things to come. It is very exciting for me. I feel as if I am finally out of the hole I have been in all this time.

Wish me luck as I try to enjoy this ride.


I have made these sort of posts before. Letting the world know what my goals in life are so that I may have some sort of accountability to make sure they get done. It hasn't really worked in the past but writing them down still helps me at least attempt to meet them. I want to be healthy. I have no problem with being overweight, but I can already feel my heart starting to give out and I am only 24. Years of substance abuse and an extremely bad diet have worn my body far past where it should be for a gent. of my age. It is a bit scary and I want that too change.

I have already been changing my diet and cutting back almost all of my substance abuse. I mostly drink water these days and almost never have fast food. I rarely drink anymore. Drugs have always been an issue and they are a bit harder to kick but I am fighting temptation and giving them the boot as well.

So what else is there to do? Let me tell you friends.. excersize!

It has been a long time goal of mine to start a regular work out pattern. Just because it is something I want does not mean it is easy to do. My body and mind still try to make me be lazy. Laziness is in the core of who I am.

My plan is to start getting up at 5:30 in the morning every day. I want to go for a morning jog followed quickly by a short round of pushups and sit ups. If I do it right I could be done by 6AM, my usual wake up time, and get a shower in.

I think it would also be good to increase the quantity of food I eat for breakfast as well as the protein content. Maybe instead of yogurt or cereal I will have a couple of eggs and toast.

So that is the plan so far.

In other news I should be done paying off my security deposit by the end of this month. Which means a new computer should shortly follow. When that happens expect a Green Glasses content explosion. I have been sitting on a lot of stuff that needs to get out.

See you next time, Space Cowboys...

The New Year...

...so far has been a little strange. I had a brief stint this week with trying to reconcile things with my old friend Drew which turned out to be less than sucessful. I suppose it was just not meant to be.

I am not entirely sure if I had mentioned it before but I recently was forced to move rather quickly and have ended up renting another room in a house, this time out in Okemos.

I don't plan on staying here forever but it will probably be a while now before I have the chance to finally find my own place.

Financially my life is more depressing than ever I am currently payin about 200 a week in rent. A price my paychecks can barely cover. It is a temporary payment amount until my security deposit is paid off but it has made my life incredibly stressful.

Things could be going better between Olivia and I. While I would say we are still very much in love, emotionally the trip has been chaotic as of late. I am hoping things change soon but all I can really do is wait, I have done everything else in my power to make it better and now the ball is in her court.

On the brighter side of things I have been eating healthier lately and can already see the benefits of such in my body. Fitting into a size 36 pant has now become possible and my energy levels are gradually increasing to a less comatose place.

Otherwise nothing is new, peace out!