It is done...

Well, last night was it, Kat officially broke up with me. I guess I can't remember a time when I was more sad, but it is all for the better.

You see, Kat is a good person. She may have never actually loved me, but at least she cared enough not to let me know that. She may have told a lot of lies. Some very hurtful. But no matter how many she told, in her own way she thought she was doing something for the better.

So I suppose I should give her my blessing. Because if she truly loves David, which she must (even though she says she does not.) Then she will make him very happy. Because she is someone who will stick with you through thick or thin, just as long as you don't bore her.

At first I was very upset, as I naturally should have been. But I understand now why it would have never worked. Kat is not old enough to understand love. She has never been in love before and it is doubtfull to me that she will be for some time. I guess I was just the idiot who got too attached and fell for somebody I did not have a chance with.

Kat and I are on good terms now, we are still good friends, I still plan on staying at her house tommorow, and will most likely still be going to homecoming with her this weekend. So, alls well that ends well right?