On the Subject of Grief

Grief is an interesting experience. While you never want to have it, you will always end up in it at some point in your life. While you are in grief everything will hurt, nothing will taste good, and nothing seems right. 

Yet through grief, we grow. With grief we teach ourselves how to focus our thoughts and feelings. We can, after all, only think about the thing we are grieving about during this time anyway. The sadness that overshadows all of our thoughts helps us focus on only what is important, blocking out the background noise that usually deafens our walk through this life. 

If you find yourself in grief, I am sorry. I truly wish I could ease your pain. Instead all I can offer are my thoughts and a hope that this grief leaves you in a state better than it found you. Maybe we do not always come out better with a lesson learned from our grief but finding a way to grow from it sure seems worth a try. 

For those that are grieving, stay strong!